Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Wedding Planning 101: Create a Wedding Planner

Here's My Fantasy Wedding: Make Wedding Planning Quite easy (I hope)

The ceremony will take place in a distant location, as part of a vacation, maybe? The most important things are that my family NOT be there, and that I can play off the ceremony as one of those "spur of the moment" kind of things.

To make up for the fact that they missed the wedding, I will hold a reception/dinner/dancing shindig for my family. Everyone will be very nice to the groom, because it's way too late to stop us from getting married.

To make up for the fact that my friends missed the wedding, I will have a totally kick-ass party. Maybe something outside. A barbecue? There will be plenty of booze and loud, loud music.

Howz that for wedding planning :)

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